Clocks, watches and
scientific instruments
old castle | 1st basement
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ON THE DOT! Clocks, watches and other clever inventionsold castle

The museum’s exhibition rooms with probably the most fascinating atmosphere are located in the vaulted cellar under the north-west arcade wings of the Old Castle. Visitors descending the spiral staircase of the corner tower will find themselves in low underground rooms dating back to the 16th century. Golden artefacts shimmer everywhere in the subdued light between the thick stone walls, pillars and arches. The room’s massive architectural shell holds fragile treasures of the greatest preciousness and precision: clocks, watches and other clever inventions.

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Schwarze Vitrine mit verschiedenen historischen Uhren und Instrumenten im Uhrenkeller.
Blick in Gewölbekeller mit Vitrinen. Im Vordergrund eine goldene Uhr in einer Vitrine.
Einblick in einen Ausstellungsraum im Uhrenkeller. Viele Taschenuhren in Vitrinen.

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Fünf Kinder gehen Hand in Hand eine weite Treppe hinunter.

About the museum

The largest cultural history museum in Baden-Württemberg can look back on a tradition of over 150 years.


Not only for childrenLet yourself be amazed!

If you are dizzy from all these testimonies of human ingenuity, have a rest on the sofa of the hands-on station to leaf through books or look for answers to questions like: What exactly is an astrolabe? How does a sextant work? How do sundials tell the time? Here are replicas for you to try your hand at historical measuring instruments that are no longer in common use today – have a go, see how they work.

Mitmachstation im Gewölbekeller mit Sofa und Repliken von historischen Messinstrumenten.