Legendary Master Pieces
Württemberg: a cultural history
Old Castle | 2nd Floor
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Legendary Master PiecesWürttemberg: a cultural history

“Legendary Master Pieces”: travel back in time through the cultural history of Württemberg! This permanent exhibition offers a chronological journey through the history of our region on an area of 2,400 square metres. More than 1,500 top-class exhibits await you in a journey through 240,000 years of history – offering insights into the life of the people of Württemberg from the early humans in the Neckar valley to the early 20th century. As time travellers, you will encounter compelling and touching testimonies from very different cultures. You will see archaeological finds from three world cultural heritage sites. Many of the objects are rare, enigmatic or artistic masterpieces from widely different periods that are often connected by the thread of a long history. This makes them doubly “legendary”.

Knowledge of our prehistory, early history and the centuries up to the early Middle Ages is mainly the fruit of archaeological excavation. A particularly impressive find, for instance, is the 70,000-year-old hand axe dating back to the days of the Neanderthals. It is the oldest example of such a multi-purpose tool in the whole of Baden-Württemberg. This tour of our cultural history ends with a look at the dawn of the industrial age and the final days of the Kingdom of Württemberg after World War I.

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Virtual reality for anew experience of history

Let Virtual Reality transform cultural history into an experience for the senses! Our exhibition has a VR station that can enhance visitors’ perception of the late medieval original artefacts in a virtual journey through time. Unfortunately, this station is currently closed, but it can be experienced from home!


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The largest cultural history museum in Baden-Württemberg can look back on a tradition of over 150 years.


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